Wir lösen Soziale Probleme / Innovativ & Strukturell

Rearrange addresses current social problems through social work

While the practical part of social work is concerned with the effects and symptoms of marginalization, Rearrange analyzes the functionality of the underlying (welfare) system and draws conclusions about structural causes.

Rearrange forms an interface between social work, administration and politics

Laws and structures are aligned in such a way that they meet people's current need for help and marginalization is sustainably invalidated. Complex social challenges are given visibility at an early stage before they require (too) high welfare state interventions.

Rearrange is committed to protecting the fundamental and human rights of marginalized people trough project development

The reactive expertise of social work in dealing with marginalization is used to develop preventive structures. Research and design thinking are used to elicit room for maneuver that ensures both system preservation and the participation opportunities of those affected.